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The Pacific Northwest Relocation Council (PNwRC) is a community of relocation and HR professionals committed to education, collaboration and the exchange of ideas. With firm roots in the Pacific Northwest, the PNwRC is a diverse organization representing corporate, non-profit and service provider members, who all have a common interest in global mobility.

Through the hosting of events and workshops, our charitable work and various publications, we are committed to:

Learn – provide educational opportunities on current relocation topics, trends and practices

Share – offer a forum to exchange information and ideas

Care – give back to the community through social responsibility initiatives

The PNwRC is a non-profit organization.

PNwRC is changing it's name to the Puget Sound Relocation Council. This recognizes that the region has changed and other regional groups now exisit.

Here are the new logo choices. 

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PO Box 1904
Beaverton, OR 97075

T: 206-258-3040

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